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Elegant 33 Design Excel Chart Series Legend
  modify chart legend entries office support tip you can also click the collapse dialog button at the right end of the series values box and then select the data series that you want to use for the new legend entry when you finish click the excel chart area plot area axis series and legend in tutorial 23 this tutorial shows how to create an excel file in vb6 with a chart and how to set chart type and formatting properties for chart area plot area axis series and legend legends in excel charts peltier tech blog follow up posts in the blog legend entry tricks in excel charts which will feature formatting tricks enabled by the individual entries in a chart legend order of legend entries in excel charts whi how to change excel legend order super user i thought that the legend always list all entries for primary axis first even if the series order is different maybe try replotting user70926 jun 26 15 at 701 im having exactly the same can i reverse series order in a chart legend without can i reverse series order in a chart legend without changing the series order in the chart or vice versa im plotting several series in a stacked chart this first series appears on the bottom of sort legend items in excel charts teylyn note that the legend order is consistent with the appearance of the series in the chart cherries dates apples and bananas in that order now imagine your boss wants you to sort the legend alphabe order of legend entries in excel charts peltier tech blog one of the mysteries of modern life is the order in which series appear in the legend of an excel chart people have been driven mad while attempting to reorganize legends in their charts understand the legend and legend key in excel spreadsheets line graph bar graph or column chart each legend key represents a single data series for example in a column chart there might be a blue legend key that reads favorite snacks votes next to it t show or hide a chart legend or data table office support when you create a chart the legend appears by default but you can hide the legend or change its location after you create the chart you can also show a data table for a line chart area chart colu  Elegant 33 Design Excel Chart Series Legend

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