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Lovely 34 Design Excel Chart Scale Axis Dynamic
  link excel chart axis scale to values in cells peltier this tutorial shows examples of code to update an excel charts axis scales on demand or on worksheet changes using scale parameters from worksheet cells how excel calculates automatic chart axis limits peltier excels automatic axis scaling often seems somewhat mysterious and its not easy to find information about it microsoft has a couple articles in the msdn knowledge base how chart ax how to create a two axis chart in excel 2013 2010 or you can chart multiple things in a chart even if they are of a different scale by having 2 different y axis values one on either side of the chart using a secondary axis in microsoft excel map one column to x axis second to y axis in excel chart for ms excel 2010 i struggled with same issue i e instead of x y chart it was considering two columns as two data series the catch to resolve it is after you select cells including all data points easy zoom chart axis scaling using vba excel unusual in certain models we need to be able to change the scale of the chart axes function of the result of a simulation excel charts do have auto scaling as a default option but sometimes the scaling value how to change x axis min max of column chart in excel related to dkusleikas but more dynamic here is the top part of a worksheet with the numbers 0 through 235 in column a and the probability of that many sixes being thrown in 235 tosses of a fair die vba getting the maximum of an excel charts y axis when i would like to know how to programmatically find and the y axis maximum of an excel chart when there is more than one available my end goal is to find the max y axis values compare them and set th creating dynamic chart using selectable drop down lists hello i would like to create a chart similar to what excel creates for you when you use the pivot chart wizard specifically i would like the drop down menus with clickable boxes to select a piece of 6 easy steps to making an interactive map chart in excel creating interactive map charts in excel is one of the easiest things to do that is if you know how i recently created this map chart showing the top 50 tropical storms to hit the unitef st scrolling an excel chart windmill software scrollling an excel chart we show you how to replay data in excel by dragging a scroll bar  Lovely 34 Design Excel Chart Scale Axis Dynamic

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